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Croft 2a

Croft 2a is situated in a small village named North Tolsta on the Isle of Lewis, Western Isles Scotland.

North Tolsta (Scottish Gaelic: Tolastadh bho Thuath) is a village in the Scottish Outer Hebrides, on the east side of the Isle of Lewis. North Tolsta is within the parish of Stornoway.[1] Tolsta is notable for its long sandy beach,[2] which is popular with surfers. The village of Bail' Ùr Tholastaidh (New Tolsta) is to the north and Glen Tholastaid to the south. At the end of Tolsta's long sandy beach there are 5 caves only visitable during low tide, these Caves are locally known as "The Caves of Life."

Wildlife in the area includes the skua, the kittiwake and the herring gull.[3] Seals, dolphins, porpoises and occasionally whales can be seen offshore.





Croft 2a Shore Street,

North Tolsta,

Isle of Lewis,

Western Isles




01851 890338

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