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Hebridean Hogget


Meat from Hebridean sheep is totally different to supermarket lamb. It has a rich dark hue, succulent tender texture and delicious game-like flavour. Hebrideans are primitive sheep and as such are slow to grow/mature, this allows the Hebrideans to enjoy a longer, more natural life and for their meats flavour to develop fully in a way we now rarely have the opportunity to appreciate. Recent tests have shown that Hebridean meat has significantly lower cholesterol levels that most other breeds of lamb.

“The meat from Hebridean sheep is unique. It has a rich, dark colour, succulent tender texture and a gamey, utterly delicious flavour. Tasted against locally produced butchers' lamb and some very good Welsh lamb, there was no contest: the Hebridean won hands down. It was tender with a really good bite, rich but didn't leave that greasy, fatty taste in the mouth and it was so full of flavour that some of the young tasters couldn't believe it really was lamb."
Alex Barker : Guild of Food Writers


Our Hebridean Hogget is only available seasonal, between the months of September to December as this is the only time our abattoir is open.


Hogget (between 12 and 18 months old)


Full Carcass £80

Half Carcass £45


If you would like them wrapped and labelled we can do this for you at an extra cost (wrapping and labelling: Full carcass is £15 extra, Half carcass is £10 extra)



Contact us to order either through our website, email or phone!

Email:       OR     Telephone: 01851 890338

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