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Shetland Beef

Our herd of Pedigree Pure Bred Shetland Cattle are born and reared on the Crofts and Moorland in and around North Tolsta, they are left to grow on naturally, which gives the beef an amazing flavour and good marbling.


The beef comes butchered, labelled and wrapped and can be home frozen. You are welcome to place an order or collect direct from us at Croft 2a.


Our Shetland Beef is only available seasonal, between the months of September to December as this is the only time our abattoir is open.


The Croft 2a Beef Box - £100


Our croft 2a beef box comprises of 11 tasty cuts of pure bred Shetland Beef. Its ideal for the smaller family or for everybody with an interest in cooking with some of the less common cuts of beef.


Croft 2a box contents - 


  1x Topside Joint

                         1x Rolled Rib or Rib on the Bone

2x 500g Mince

           2x 500g Stewing Steak

            2x 500g Braising Steak

        1x 500g Shin or Leg

                           1 pack of Rump Steak (2 per pack)

                                   1 pack of Thick Flank Steak (2 per pack)

                             1 pack of Sirlion Steak (2 per pack)




The Croft 2a Half Carcass - £300 -£500 (Depending on weight)




The Croft 2a FullCarcass - £600 -£900 (Depending on weight)



Contact us to order either through our website, email or phone!

Email:       OR     Telephone: 01851 890338





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